Our Senior Pastors


Apostle Samuel L. Phillips, Sr. is an extraordinary Pastor/Teacher. He operates out of an Apostolic mandate through the Spirit of God "to comfort them that mourn, especially them that mourn in Zion." Apostle Phillips being commissioned by the Holy Spirit has been given grace to bring deliverance and wholeness to the Body of Christ.

The mandate that God has placed upon his life is grounded in bringing redemption, reconciliation, restoration, recovery and renewal to those who have been hurt, wounded and devastated by sin through the healing power of Jesus Christ. Many believe that he is a specialist to the Body of Christ when it comes to relationships. Many marriages have been healed and many singles have been made whole through the grace that is with him. God has used him to bring wholeness through emotional and physical healing, spiritual deliverance from dysfunctions of pains and wounds inflicted by sin.

He is the Founder and Senior Pastor of the Word of His Grace Christian Fellowship, Inc. in Seffner, Florida. He is the covenant covering for several ministries locally and abroad, and he serves on the board of Directors for the Kingdom Global Alliance Network, founded by Apostle Paul J. Butler of Nassau, Bahamas. He is also a charter member of the Potter's House International Pastoral Alliance under the auspices of Bishop T. D. Jakes. Apostle Phillips also serves as covenant Pastor for several ministries under The Word of His Grace International Pastoral Alliance (WIPA).

Pastor Velma Phillips serves as the Co-Pastor of the Word of His Grace and the Director of the Women of Destiny, the WOHG Women’s Ministry. She has a ministry of “Love”, where she is known for her loving hugs. Everywhere she goes she is known as the compassionate Pastor’s wife. Pastor Vee, as she is known among congregants,  operates in the gift of healing and ministers alongside her husband during altar services.

Apostle and Pastor Vee co-labor in the gospel and have been Senior Pastors for over 26 years, but their Pastoral experience span well over 40 years. They have been married for 43 years and they have 3 children and a host of grandchildren. Apostle Phillips received his Bachelor’s degree in Theology from Life Christian University, Lutz, FL.

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