Still Thriving

ST Young Adults

The Still Thriving (ST) Young Adult ministry provides community in a safe environment where Jesus Christ is the center of our focus. In this environment, young adults will be able to share their hearts and lives, pray for one another, ask questions, and bear each other’s burdens. And with everything learned — good, bad, or otherwise — they will continue to strive to love and serve one another; meet each other’s needs, encourage growth, and help one another to thrive in their every day lives.

The Mission of Still Thriving (ST) Young Adults

1: To praise and glorify God, as well as gain an understanding of God's word
and teachings as it applies in our lives.

2: To provide an open forum where young adults can meet regularly to discuss
the various issues that plague our generation.

3: To provide a sense of camaraderie to let your fellow brother/sister know
“we are in this together.”

4: To motivate one another to maintain our walk of faith.

5: To be a social group of positive influence, providing guidance, and
direction towards purpose.
The Vison of Still Thriving (ST) Young Adults

1: To see the young adults of WOHG live transformed lives through intimate
communion with JESUS.

2: To know andunderstand that Jesus Christ is the absolute solution to every
problem through the power of the gospel.

3: To serve one another persistently.

4: To depend on the Lord continually and to meet God through his word
faithfully and expectantly while living out our purpose.